Please note that the contents shared here are my own personal notes and highlights from the books I've read. They are neither intended to be comprehensive summaries nor exhaustive explanations of the books. These notes and highlights are simply reflections of the parts that resonated with me the most and serve as a personal reminder of key insights and moments from each book. Curious for more? Browse through my other book notes.

Be Useful

This is one of those books which gives me such excitement and energy that feels like I'm going to explode in-place. I've read this book after Discipline is Destiny from Ryan Holiday, and they're a perfect match to be read one after another. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't bring new things to the table however, the way he represents the well established principles just clicked with me. Schwarzenegger's blend of timeless wisdom and personal anecdotes in 'Be Useful' not only complements the lessons in 'Discipline is Destiny' but also ignites a familiar fire within me, highlighting the transformative power of vision and relentless effort.

What about time for rest and relaxation? First of all, rest is for babies and relaxation is for retired people.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life
Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Have a Clear Vision

Never Think Small

Work You Ass Off

Work works.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life

...So don't tell me you don't have time to train, or to study, or to write, or to network, or to do whatever you need to do to achieve your vision. Turn your TV off. Throw your machines out the window. Save your excuses for someone who cares. Get to work.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life

Sell, Sell, Sell

Shift Gears

People who lack vision are threatened by those who have it.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life

My vision from the very beginning was to be the best bodybuilder, then the biggest star, then to help the most people. Not someday, not eventually, but as soon as I possibly could.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life

Shut Your Mouth, Open Your Mind

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

— Dalai Lama

Break Your Mirrors

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